Happy Winter! Snow Bikes, Warm Hats, Gloves, etc.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the chilly weather and the (predictions of) SNOW. Things are moving along normally here at Firehouse HQ. We are getting ready for Wolf Re-opening next week on February 3rd. Come over and see us; we will have coffee and are willing to share if you ask nicely. If you are looking for a bike for these winter conditions, we have plenty to choose from. Pictured here is a used but very clean Trek 29er that is currently for sale at Firehouse. Big wheels make snow travel no problem. Also, if commuting is in your future, check out the Surly Cross-Check. It has everything: space for wide and/or knobby tires, wide gearing, rack bosses front and rear, and sporty geometry and frame construction to keep everything fun. We keep at least one in stock so you can check it out in person. Wolf has updated 2015 Fuji mountain bikes, many of which have features like 29inch wheels and disc brakes at a price that might surprise you.
We also just received a new shipment of handmade wool winter cycling caps from Chuey. They are lovingly made out of various wools so that each one is unique and stylish. They are a bargain at $30 for wearable art. We also have new Cadence winter caps. Come by Firehouse today to pick something up. Or check us out on Instagram for pictures of hats, bikes, and all manner of bike-related things.